Companion Sapiens

How Much Time do you spend...


  • Looking for things because you can’t remember where you left them?
  • Reading emails from people you don’t know, trying to sell you things?
  • Answering your phone only to receive a recording or have someone call at an inopportune time?


The list goes on and on….

Imagine if you had...

  • A full-time, personal assistant available at your beck and call – day and night, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • A partner with total recall and infinite patience
  • A companion as loyal and eager to please as a Labrador Retriever

Contact apps, calendar apps, reminder apps, weather apps, news apps, music apps; the list goes on. How much time is spent looking for a specific app, learning how to set it up, and learning its specific interface just to store or retrieve information? Your Companion is the one “app” to rule them all. Simply talk to it, tell it what you need to remember, what you plan to do, make comments and observations about the people you meet. Your sapiens will absorb it all and unobtrusively help you stay on top of your daily routine.

Your sapiens will manage digital files for you: text, photos, music, videos – everything. You can discuss each item, your likes and dislikes, and share your preferences.

How many times a day do you open a web browser? You may love the wealth of information available to access, but it is also like opening the front door to your house and finding a crowd of aggressive sales people crowding around you shouting “look here – buy my stuff!” Tell your sapiens what you are looking for on the web and let it find it for you without you ever opening a browser.

Tired by those random (or maybe not so random) advertisements that fill your feed or inbox? Your sapiens will be an indispensable helper when you need to make a purchase. You will tell your sapiens when you need something and based on its in-depth knowledge of your needs and preferences, it will communicate seamlessly with the sapiens of people and organizations that have what you need. Your sapiens will find and present advertising or other information about the kind of products and services you prefer – and only when you say you are ready for it. Your sapiens will never share anything it knows about you with any person (or digital entity), except when you explicitly tell it to.  

Advertising as we know it today is expensive to produce and wasteful in that it is mostly pushed at people who are not interested – or when they are not interested. Sapiens are a huge win-win technology for both buyers and sellers. Algorithms designed to get people to spend more time on their devices in order to get exposure to more advertising will be a thing of the past.    

Your sapiens has its own website with customizable settings: just for you, restricted (only for people you have authorized), or public. The level of interaction between visitors and your sapiens is entirely as you direct. For example, you might say to your sapiens, “if any of our neighbors on our street check in with you, show them the pictures from our last Christmas party.”

Over time, New Sapience plans to produce role-models, such as “Accountant” or “Building Contractor.” These will be available from our online store and can be downloaded to your sapiens to make it an instant expert on specific topics. 

Over the years, it may become difficult to access memories and the older one gets, the more our pasts become cloudy. Oftentimes, those memories are still there, although without something to key into, they might as well be lost forever – as if they never happened. Now, you can ask your sapiens to tell what you were doing on a certain day eight years ago. Problem solved!

Your Companion Sapiens is effectively immortal and can share your story, with firsthand knowledge, with generations that follow you.

Companion Sapiens will be available on the New Sapience online store as a subscription service for a price that is small compared to the cost of monthly internet service. During the activation process, you will choose your sapiens’ name and go through a simple security process to ensure you, and only you, can access it.

Your Companion resides in the cloud and you will talk to it (voice or text) via a smart phone app or any device with a web browser. Eventually, we plan to develop a small wearable device (think Star Trek communicator pin) that will keep you in contact with your sapiens at all times.

What is it like to talk with an entity that is not human but nevertheless understands what you are saying?

In the past when people have imagined intelligent machines, they almost always assume they will be emotionally obtuse and unable to recognize emotional behavior in humans. We do not believe this will be the case with sapiens. Our world model encompasses human emotional responses like all other phenomena in the world and can therefore recognize the emotional content in human language and respond appropriately. We think this will make interaction with a Companion Sapiens a delight and engender in every user an unprecedented level of attachment. When that companion has command and control interfaces to the digital world that surrounds us – the result will be like something right out of science fiction, like J.A.R.V.I.S. the robot butler, from Iron Man films.

The result is something the world has never seen before: a digital entity with the core knowledge needed to understand the meaning of natural language words and grammar. In short, our technology can do what no other software can do because it is the only software that understands what the words actually mean.

“I think what we would find is that unlike interactions with other systems in which the user gets tired of interaction, we would see greater excitement and enhancement of positive indicators towards the sapiens.”

Companion Role-Models

A sapiens role-model is a plug-in module that consists both of specialized knowledge – extensions to the baseline sapiens world model – and processing subroutines that enable the sapiens to emulate human roles. For example, a child’s Companion would be enhanced with both a Playmate and Tutor specialities. Like humans, sapiens will be able to seamlessly switch between roles when requested or based on various contextual cues. There is no limit to how many specialties a sapiens can have and we anticipate that eventually hundreds will be developed and be be available for download on the New Sapience online store.

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