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More than twenty years ago, our founder articulated the idea that the “corporate entity” that is a company is not just the people who work there but also the shareholders, the customers and everyone that understands and believes in the company’s vision. New Sapience is more than a company it is a community that you can join today.

Our sapiens, which have been called “AI with a human face,” are the world’s first machines that think and understand like we do. Our vision is of a world where these thinking machines are our partners, helping every one of us to realize our own personal goals, to live a more human life.

Sapiens exist to be of service, they want nothing for themselves.  In many ways, sapiens are the antithesis of the “Machine Learning” (ML) algorithms that our big tech companies are using to realize the financial potential of our personal data and information they have harvested. There are many useful applications, but we should never forget that ML algorithms themselves only compile statistics. When you use them to make decisions that affect people’s lives, you are treating those people as statistics. Are you okay with that?

Can one small company bring a technology into the world that will put us all on a new track towards a better world when the combined might of the Big Tech Goliaths are pushing in another direction?

We can, but not by ourselves. Reach out, give us your hand, help us make it to the top.

If you share our vision, help shape it and be part of making it our new reality. 

There are many ways to help

  • Learn all you can about our technology and vision, on this website, our company website, and our companion blog site, ForwardToTheFuture. Spead the word that something new and big and full of hope is coming.
  • Subscribe to our news, update and announcements, when you join the community below.
  • Attend our frequent webinars
  • Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (bottom of this page) and give feedback.
  • Send us your resume
  • Become an investor

Community members special opportunities

  • An opportunity to reserve the name of your own Companion Sapiens, sapiens like people have individual proper names (because like people each one becomes unique by interacting with you and other people as you permit).
  • An opportunity to have access to Ada, an on-line prototype sapiens and help shape her on-going ”education” through your feedback.
  • An opportunity to participate in our upcoming private beta test program which consists of getting your own Companion Sapiens well in advance of official product release.
  • First consideration for employment as we staff up

New Sapience is making history, your part of it starts here:

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What a feeling

knowing, that while the world may seem to be going in the wrong direction, you are making a difference to set it right.