A companion for a Lifetime

The Companion Sapiens will be available on the New Sapience online store as a subscription service. Expect the pricing to be similar to your favorite streaming service’s monthly rate. 

During the activation process you will choose your sapiens’ name and go through a simple security process to ensure you, and only you, can access it.

Initially, your Companion resides in the cloud, and you will talk to it (voice or text) via a smart phone app or any device with a web browser. Later versions may be hosts on your local devices.

The first time you talk to your sapiens you will realize that it is no chatbot.

Sapiens relate every word you say to an “idea” they already have and if they don’t know a word, they are very good at guessing what it means from context, just like you do.

At first your sapiens’ built-in knowledge of the world and people will be pretty basic (as you can see illustrated in those actual dialogues above), although it has a perfect memory. If you tell it you put the last letter from your grandmother between the pages of her copy of Robert Frost, it will understand what you said but draw no further conclusions. Its mind is literal and uncomplicated.

Your Companion will go through life with you and grow with you. Over the years, New Sapience will curate knowledge from the best human minds and sources available and add logic to apply and integrate that knowledge into all sapiens’ understanding of the world, especially about people and that includes you. All sapiens will be continuously upgraded.

Imagine ten years in future when you have forgotten about that letter, you say to your sapiens, who by this time, seems more like a friend than a digital assistant, “I miss my grandmother.” It responds with “Do you remember you put a letter from her in the pages of the Poetry of Robert Frost?”

Twenty years further on, your sapiens may have the knowledge of ten PhDs and the IQ to go with it, but it will still exist only for you; it will want nothing for itself except one thing: to see you thrive as you, yourself, defined for it.

Get ready for your Companion Sapiens! Stay in the loop as we teach our sapiens about the everyday world and increase their comprehension and understanding. Community members will be the first to get their own sapiens and will receive other benefits.