Companion Role-Models

Personal & Lifestyle

Here are few samples of the of the endless possibilities of role-models that you will be able to plugin to your personal Companion Sapiens. 

The Caregiver

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a long-term illness will immediately recognize what a blessing the caregiver role-model will be. 

Your Personal Secretary

Your Sapiens Secretary Role-Model brings with it its own telephone number and email address. You will never have to give out your personal information again!

The Truly Smart Home

Today, there is a glut of digital products marketed for the home and everything seems to have its own app or remote. The Smart Home Role-Model will consolidate all of those apps and remotes into one tool, your sapiens.

Travel advisor

Flight itineraries, hotel & restaurant reservations, train schedules, recommendations for undiscovered gems. Imagine how much more pleasant travel will become when your Companion is an expert travel agent!

Professional Assistants Models

Your Companion Sapiens will change the way you work when professional grade role-models become available for all the major industries.

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